Get to know us

Laurie Felt Los Angeles is more than just a premium denim brand. We are on a mission to give women the freedom to feel real. In an industry that’s obsessed with  how women look, we are inspired by how women feel. We each express our own versions of beauty and through women supporting each other, we are able to celebrate every unique version of our own self. Because there is nothing more beautiful and more powerful than that.

Giving us women the
freedom to feel real
Our mission can be felt in everything we design and create.
We want to give you the freedom feel real, as you are. Because we believe that nothing looks better than feeling like you. Wonderful, authentic you.
Life is full of “shoulds”…
And it’s time to free yourself of them!
“Feel this”. “Buy that“. “Dress like this” or “Act like that.” It’s exhausting! Each and every one of us has her own path, and her own unique expression of beauty.

Let’s keep it real together!

When we feel real and true to ourselves, we have the capacity to love and accept ourselves as well as those around us. Join us!