keeps it real

Passion for fashion

Fashion has been a true passion of Laurie’s since she was a little girl. From dressing up, to sharing style stories with her grandma, Laurie never imagined she would have the privilege to design for women, across the country.

It’s not business. It’s personal.

Now a mom, wife, designer and entrepreneur, Laurie’s inspiration comes from the women who wear her styles. Being part of people's lives not just an item in their closet is the driving force behind Laurie Felt Los Angeles.

“When you have a great product you feel so strongly about, it’s incredible to share that with a whole community of women, and see the impact it brings to their lives”

Let’s keep it real

Laurie channels empathy, playfulness and a no-nonsense approach to her designs. She describes her own sense of style as classic with a twist. “Fashion needs to keep it real, because we are all real women, living our lives”.