Wake Up With Purpose

Wake Up With Purpose

“always remember to fall asleep with a dream..

Seventeen years ago, I had a dream about becoming an entrepreneur. I wanted to design clothes, be independent and have my own business. I worked day in and day out tirelessly on this dream, and I made it my reality.

Over the years, I designed skirts, shoes, dresses, blouses — you name it! Fashion has been a true passion of mine since I was a little girl. But there was something missing and I never quite knew what it was.

As my business started growing, I got to know my customers. I would get emails, phone calls and would even run into customers during my travels. Hearing from you and how you wore these styles made my day! Then, we’d talk about more than style.

I loved learning about you. I loved hearing about your children, your work, your passions, how you found love, experienced loss, raised beautiful families, volunteered for causes you believed in, the list goes on. I was always blown away by how you lived empowering and extraordinary lives, and how you remained positive and hopeful, despite your setbacks. I was touched by you. I related to you. I felt compassion for you. I was inspired by you.

Dani, Laurie Felt customer and heartfelt role model

It was your stories and your kind hearts that started to awaken me from this dream. I was no longer designing chic, feminine styles. I was designing chic, feminine styles for Joanne who wanted to feel great at her son’s engagement party and for Mary who just lost 100 pounds and wanted to feel like herself in a body she was just getting to know again.

Suddenly, I started to feel a greater sense of peace and purpose to my work. I wanted to design a product that you not only loved, but a product that gave you the support and flexibility that you needed in your life. Designing started to come easier to me. It was like I wasn’t thinking but rather, feeling, throughout the process. And it felt right.

You began responding to our styles with more love than ever before, but most resoundingly, to our jeans. You told me they moved with you, worked with you, lived with you. I spent the next few years shifting my focus to denim and poured my heart into creating the very best product I could imagine. It was challenging at times, but I wouldn’t settle because I knew this denim would bring you joy, ease and comfort in your life.

For a long time, I never quite knew what was my purpose was. I started following a blurry dream and as what mattered most to me became more clear, so did this dream. It was you who helped me transform this dream into my purpose. Into my reality. You were there with me, uplifting me along the way.

Today, my purpose includes bringing joy, ease and comfort to others. I’ve evolved my brand to not only bring you this in the form of the clothes you wear, but to help inspire you throughout your life — like you did for me.

In January 2018, my brand launched an initiative called Heartfelt. Heartfelt is made up of incredible, inspiring women who find great purpose in bringing joy, empowerment, and support to others. Heartfelt has a Facebook Community where we share our styles, stories and gifts with each other. I am a member of this community and love connecting with all of you personally and growing and shaping this movement, together.

I am so humbled by each of you and your desire to uplift each other and share your purpose with the world. I’m grateful for the opportunity to move through this new phase together, with a shared purpose of making the world a kinder, more supportive place.

“Always remember to fall asleep with a dream and wake up with a purpose.”