Get To Know Your Designer

Get To Know Your Designer

Meet Laurie

For the past 17 years, Laurie has been designing and selling fashion live on television to women across America.
Denim fans have come to know and love Laurie for her authentic passion for style and her commitment to bringing on-trend, beautiful designs for an affordable price year after year. We decided to sit down with Laurie to give you a glimpse outside the screen and inside the life of this Los Angeles based designer, mom and friend. Have a question for Laurie that’s not on our list? Feel free to ask her in the comment box below!



Who are you?

I’m a mom, a wife, a friend and a business owner.

What characteristics really define you?

I think my friends would say I’m generous, generally positive and hardworking.

What would you like to be better at?

Using the electronics in my house. It’s so complicated, I can’t even turn on the TV!

Who are your favorite people?

My very favorite people live in my house! My husband is strong and powerful. My oldest daughter is a little love bug. My second daughter is an actress, writer and director. My oldest son is reserved and as sweet as can be! And my little guy is outgoing, social and an excellent athlete!

What makes you feel your best?

When I don’t overschedule myself and have time to really enjoy this magnificent life and the amazing people in it.

How do you take care of yourself?

I love yoga! I am a believer of health within reason. I like to eat healthfully, but I also love Cheetos and sweets.

What are your favorite clothes?

Why my denim, of course!


What’s the most interesting piece of art you’ve seen?

I’m in love with Elizabeth Peyton’s portrait of David Bowie. I can’t get it out of my mind!

What are some things you’ve had to unlearn?

How to be able to take a compliment. My friend Jodi taught me to just say, “thank you.”

They say that everyone has a book in them. What would your book be called?

“The Power of Being Independent”

What was the best book or series that you’ve ever read?

Dear Ijeawele, or A Feminist Manifesto in Fifteen Suggestions by C. Adichie

If you could make one rule that everyone had to follow, what rule would you make?

Wake up happy and be nice.

What would be one of the most annoying things about having yourself as a roommate?

Jon, my husband, says I wake up too early. I get so excited to start my day that I wake up and lie in bed until it’s a socially acceptable time to get up!

What personality trait do you value most and which do you dislike the most?

I value generosity and kindness. I deeply dislike when people are mean.

What takes up too much of your time?


What are some small thing that’s make your day better?

Chai tea lattes, yoga, Lewis chardonnay, kisses from my boys!

What’s something you like to do the old-fashioned way?

Keep my calendar!

What piece of entertainment do you wish you could erase from your mind so that you could experience it for the first time again?

La La Land! (See my Christmas card)!

What quirks do you have?

Everything has to be neat and organized before I can think! That goes for my family as well – which I’m not so sure they like!

What would you rate 10/10?

The Hotel De Cap in Cap D’Antibes! I went there this summer on vacation with my family and it was incredible.