An Open Letter to A Woman’s Body

An Open Letter to a Woman’s Body

You are extraordinary. Curves and all.

Designed to bring human life into this world and sustain it, your silhouette portrays our womanhood, our motherhood and our sisterhood. But sometimes we forget the magic behind you. Sometimes we see you as something we want to hide, something we compare and contrast, something never quite good enough.

Enough is Enough.

It’s time we embrace you, dear womanly figure, that is ours and ours alone.

It’s time we stand with pride, and walk right to left, with conviction. It’s time to we look at other bodies, and marvel at the beauty of their frames.

Your curves…

are courageous.

They’ve supported us through thick and thin. It’stime we give back for all you’ve given to us. It’stime we stand in our truth, embrace thisremarkable figure, and empower other women todo the same.

Consider this a call to action.

A step forward for the female.

A moment of truth, of acceptance and unity…. for all bodies. It’s time we stand in our curves.

Love, Us