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Jeans are everywhere. On everyone. In fact, at any one time, approximately 50% of the world’s population is wearing a pair of denim. But jeans can be mean. They can be inflexible and exclusive in size — and price. Not ours.


Today, there are a lot of barriers that pull us apart. Remember the days when people weren’t looking down at their phones but rather, up at each other? If you look up — you’ll see something that we all have in common. Something we’ve had in common for over 100 years. You’ll see a blue jean. Or two. Or three billion, depending on how far you travel around the world! Denim has the ability to break through the barriers that divide us and bring us together, if we try.


Our denim makes you look and feel great in your body and on all bodies — of all ages! Our jeans make you feel secure — and contour to your figure. Our jeans are top quality at a nice price. Our jeans are for all.


#NiceJeans is a movement to inspire you to find jeans that make you feel good and empower you to connect with others through our common (indigo) thread. Like someone’s jeans? Let them know! Maybe they’ll like yours too. Have a conversation. Make a new friend. Give someone a reason to smile.


Share your #nicejeans moment with us for a chance to be featured! Post your story on social media with the hashtag #nicejeans, or share it with us here



I just think this is so incredible, it gives me goose bumps! I remember the first time I went overseas. I was 17 years old in Belgium and there was a language barrier interracting with others but one thing we had in common that broke through that barrier was our love for Levi’s. Jeans really do unite us all. I’m really looking forward to this challenge!

Donna S

I am all about this movement! In fact, while I was away at my last residency in Jacksonville, Fl., I was having lunch in the bar area of the hotel when a women in her early sixties sat at the table next to me. She looked like she was having a stressful day and I noticed her jeans. They were a light washed bell bottom and had different types of fabric patches on them. I reached over and lightly touched her shoulder and said, "I absolutely love your jeans! They are so very different from anything I have seen and you look beautiful in them." She immediately sat up straight and smiled with the most genuine smile. She proceeded to tell me that she made them herself from a pair of jeans of some favorite shirts that belonged to her late daughter. An instant chill rushed down my neck and I felt that by just making this simple compliment, meant so much to this woman. We introduced ourselves and chatted for a bit while waiting for our food to arrive. It was the first time she had worn those jeans since making them and I was the first to take notice and comment on them. She said, "I have had a horrible day. The rental car company lost my reservation and did not have a vehicle available when I arrived. I had to wait four hours until a car came back. Then, to make it even worse, I get here and my room is not ready." I had told her I'm sorry she was having such a bad day and...she interrupted me. "Oh Honey" she said. "I HAD a horrible day, you just made it so much better!" I was overwhelmed with emotion that I actually welled up. I told her that I was humbled by such gratitude and was happy to be in the right place at the right time.

It is times like these, that a simple act of kindness and compassion goes a long way. We never can understand what others are going through at that moment, but simply telling someone that you like their hair, the color of their eyes, or in this case, their jeans, can mean a world of difference to that person. – Donna S